About this project

The YFValue protocol aims to bring fairness, true value, and innovation to yield farming. We seek to bring equal opportunity farming and governance to everyone by providing next-generation on-chain voting and rewarding long-term YFV stakeholders with flexible and optimized vault strategies and aggregation services. We also prioritize the protection of community funds, providing peace of mind with the integration of an insurance treasury. YFV is the governance token of the YFValue protocol.

Basic Info

Name YFValue
Symbol YFV
Category token
Project website https://yfv.finance/
Whitepaper link Read more
Withdrawal fee 0.366 YFV
Deposit enabled No
Withdrawal enabled No
Supply Total:

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Available markets

Symbol Min amount Max amount Min cost Max cost State
YFV / USDT 0.02 YFV 4000 YFV 1 USDT 200000 USDT Trading