About this project

Developed by ex-Morgan Stanley analyst Arthur Breitman. Tezos (XTZ) is a multi-purpose platform that supports dApps and smart contracts. It aims to combine a self-correcting protocol and on-chain governance to manage network modifications. Tezos is powered by XTZ, which is created through ‘baking’. Bakers put up deposits and are rewarded for signing and publishing blocks. Witnesses then validate the blocks. Dishonest bakers lose their XTZ deposits. Tezos uses delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) and supports Turing complete smart contracts. Tezos is implemented in the OCaml programming language, which is said to offer ‘functional, imperative, and object-oriented styles’.

Basic Info

Name Tezos
Symbol XTZ
Category coin
Project website https://www.tezos.com/
Whitepaper link Read more
Withdrawal fee 0.743 XTZ
Deposit enabled Yes
Withdrawal enabled Yes
Supply Total:

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Available markets

Symbol Min amount Max amount Min cost Max cost State
XTZ / EUR 1 XTZ 140000 XTZ 1 EUR 200000 EUR Trading
XTZ / EBASE 0.7 XTZ 140000 XTZ 1 EBASE 200000 EBASE Trading
XTZ / XBASE 0.06 XTZ 130000 XTZ 170 XBASE 10000000 XBASE Trading
XTZ / ETH 0.7 XTZ 140000 XTZ 0.006 ETH 1000 ETH Trading
XTZ / USDT 1 XTZ 140000 XTZ 1 USDT 200000 USDT Trading
XTZ / BTC 1 XTZ 140000 XTZ 0.001 BTC 25 BTC Trading