About this project

NKN bills itself as a ‘new kind of P2P network connectivity protocol’ that is powered by a public blockchain. NKN is used to incentivize Internet users to share their network connection and unused bandwidth. NKN’s describes its networking infrastructure as ‘open, efficient, and robust’, thereby enabling application developers to build the decentralized Internet. Whitfield Diffie, inventor of public key cryptography (Diffie-Hellman) and 2015 Turing Award winner, and Stephen Wolfram, Founder and CEO of Wolfram Research, are listed on their publications as advisors for the project.

Basic Info

Name NKN
Symbol NKN
Category coin
Project website https://nkn.org/
Whitepaper link Read more
Withdrawal fee 4.23 NKN
Deposit enabled Yes
Withdrawal enabled Yes
Supply Total:

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