About this project

Flexacoin describes itself as a digital collateral token for facilitating instant cryptocurrency payments. It was originally developed to collateralize retail payments on the Flexa network. The Flexa network reportedly uses Flexacoin (FXC) to enable instant and fraud-free point-of-sale transactions at merchants worldwide, with a view towards achieving a long-term vision of making cryptocurrency spendable everywhere. Flexacoin (FXC) is used to stake wallets on the Flexa network. Stakers help to collateralize payments made by those wallets, and in return, they earn stake rewards based on transaction volume.

Basic Info

Name Flexacoin
Symbol FXC
Category token
Project website https://flexacoin.org/
Withdrawal fee 31.2 FXC
Deposit enabled No
Withdrawal enabled No
Supply Total:

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Available markets No markets available