About this project

Bitcoin SV stands for Satoshi Vision.

Stemming from Bitcoin Cash, BSV is a hard fork (community-activated update to the protocol or code) established as distinct from BCH after the network upgrade scheduled for November 15th, 2018 resulted in a hash war determining the chains would be split. According to their website, the Bitcoin SV project is primarily backed by CoinGeek Mining with development work by nChain.

Basic Info

Name Bitcoin SV
Symbol BSV
Category coin
Project website https://bitcoinsv.io/
Withdrawal fee 0.00008 BSV
Deposit enabled Yes
Withdrawal enabled Yes
Supply Total:

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Available markets

Symbol Min amount Max amount Min cost Max cost
BSV / ETH 0.009 BSV 1700 BSV 0.006 ETH 1000 ETH
BSV / XBASE 0.009 BSV 1700 BSV 50 XBASE 10000000 XBASE
BSV / USDT 0.009 BSV 1700 BSV 1 USDT 210000 USDT
BSV / EUR 0.009 BSV 1700 BSV 1 EUR 200000 EUR
BSV / BTC 0.01 BSV 1700 BSV 0.001 BTC 25 BTC
BSV / EBASE 0.009 BSV 1700 BSV 1 EBASE 200000 EBASE