About this project

Launched on 18/12/2019 by a team based in Portugal, BetProtocol aims to enable anyone to create gaming platforms in minutes. No coding is required. BetProtocol leverages blockchain technology with the goal of making these platforms secure, scalable, and compliant with regulations.

Basic Info

Name BetProtocol
Symbol BEPRO
Category token
Project website https://www.betprotocol.com
Whitepaper link Read more
Withdrawal fee 13100 BEPRO
Deposit enabled No
Withdrawal enabled No
Supply Total:

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Available markets

Symbol Min amount Max amount Min cost Max cost State
BEPRO / USDT 690 BEPRO 140000000 BEPRO 1 USDT 200000 USDT Trading
BEPRO / ETH 690 BEPRO 140000000 BEPRO 0.006 ETH 1000 ETH Delisted
BEPRO / EUR 690 BEPRO 140000000 BEPRO 1 EUR 200000 EUR Delisted