The European Union has passed Directives designed to combat money laundering and terrorism. 

These Directives, together with regulations, rules and industry guidance, form the cornerstone of our AML and CTF obligations and outline the offenses and penalties for failing to comply. 

Whilst ETERBASE a.s. (ETERBASE) is currently unregulated and does not fall within the scope of the AML and CTF obligations, the ETERBASE is striving to implement and improve systems and procedures that meet the highest standards set forth by the European Union.

This decision reflects the ETERBASE‚Äôs desire to prevent money laundering and not be used by criminals to launder proceeds of crime. 

The ETERBASE AML Policy is designed to prevent money laundering by meeting the European standards on combating money laundering and terrorism financing, including the need to have controls in place to mitigate the risk of the firm being used to facilitate financial crime. 

This AML Policy sets out the minimum standards which must be complied with and includes:

ETERBASE is prohibited from transacting with individuals, companies, and countries that are on prescribed sanctions lists. 

ETERBASE will therefore screen against United Nations, European Union, UK Treasury and US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions lists in all jurisdictions in which we operate.