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Why a Centralized Exchange?

At ETERBASE, we are well aware of the issues surrounding centralized exchanges, but these issues apply to first-wave digital asset exchanges. We agree that it’s time to change.

While decentralized exchanges stay ‘true’ to the ideals of decentralization, they have issues. Decentralized exchanges are incapable of satisfying the needs of high-volume traders, which can cost them their hard-won profits, while lack of regulatory compliance means that any bad actor can profit from trading on a decentralized exchange. These issues need to change too.

We have designed ETERBASE to offer traders institutional-grade tools on par with those used by Wall Street. Our high-frequency trading platform can process up to millions of transactions per second per trading pair, making it scalable enough and fast enough to meet the ever-increasing demands of the trading community. All of this trading power is achieved through the deployment of multiple core matching engines.

In addition to direct market access, ETERBASE has an outstanding ETX token-based market-making program that allows you to trade with low or even negative fees. Holders of the ETX token will be able to unlock a wide range of benefits to provide further added value to their trading experience. Coupled with over-the-counter trading solutions, our platform provides a fully rounded trading experience suitable for traders at any level of expertise.

To prevent money laundering, terrorist financing, and data protection abuse, ETERBASE is fully compliant with all existing regulations including Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Finance, and European General Data Protection Regulations. In fact, we comply with all the same laws and regulations as any traditional financial institution to provide a safe trading environment.

Considering our level of compliance, it is only natural for us to apply to become an eMoney institution. When we have successfully obtained our eMoney license, we can offer personal IBAN accounts and full fiat integration via SEPA, which means we will be able to provide a wide range of financial services as an alternative to traditional banking. Our eMoney license will also allow us to issue debit cards so you can use your cryptocurrencies anywhere.

To our team, developing a centralized exchange made greater sense than creating a decentralized exchange. Even though, ideologically, notions of decentralization are appealing thoughts, in reality, decentralized exchanges suffer too much from risk elements like regulatory non-compliance and cripplingly slow trading.

By developing a regulation-compliant exchange that adheres to the most robust legal frameworks in Europe, we offer you a platform that suffers neither from the technical issues faced by first-wave centralized exchanges, nor does it offer a platform for illegal uses.

ETERBASE is the new gold standard for exchanges.

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Happy trading!

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