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What Is Discord? And Why Should You Join Our Channel?

You may have noticed in some of our more recent newsletters we’ve been encouraging you to join our Discord channel, and we thought it might be a good idea to give our readers a bit more information on the platform.

What is Discord?

Basically, Discord is a free video, voice, and text app that allows users to either join a chat by way of invitation or to create a private server and invite others to join.

You may be wondering if Discord is just like other social media platforms, such as Twitter, and the answer is no, it offers benefits that most social media platforms simply do not.

Among them is the ability to build private, invite-only groups, which is what we’ve done here at ETERBASE.

All conversations are run on an opt-in basis, and you have ultimate control over who is permitted to direct message you, add you as a friend and which servers you want to join.

You have control over who can join your private server, and security levels applied to them as well.

Why should you join the ETERBASE Discord channel?

Here at ETERBASE we have big plans for our Discord channel and plan to release a lot of information on the platform as soon as it’s announced, so if you want to keep right up to date with events at ETERBASE, it’s the place to be.

Some of the channels currently available include a general chat, a news thread for staying right up to date with events at ETERBASE, and an early-adopters discussion.

As mentioned, we plan to increase this platform as we go, so while we certainly recommend our blog and newsletter, our Discord channel is another critical source of information.

Make sure to check out our Discord channel and get involved in the discussion! We look forward to seeing you there!

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