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We’d Like to Introduce the ETERBASE Core Tech Team!

At Europe’s premier digital asset exchange we know that you don’t get far in business without surrounding yourself with the right type of people.

We’ve highlighted our partners in the past, the companies who share our ideals and our ambitions, but it’s also important to put together a great team of people within the company.

With that in mind, we’d love to introduce the team behind ETERBASE, the tech team who make much of what we’re doing today possible.

Jan Borovsky, one of our Solutions Architects, has a degree in computer engineering and over ten years of software development experience which includes building infrastructure for retail banks and application-based user interface design.

Branislav Magula is our Lead Business Analyst and brings years of experience in software development to the table, which includes working across multiple domains like financial services, the insurance sector, and telecommunications.

Holding a masters degree in computer science, Branislav is very enthusiastic when it comes to learning the latest trends and technologies.

Our Lead Software Developer, Andrej Duda, is a highly experienced software developer educated in a number of engineering disciplines.

Andrej has more than a decade of experience in application development, and over four years of experience in creating architectural design solutions.

Another of our Solutions Architects, Tomas Rohozka, has been involved in the development of various backend systems for payment processing with a focus on reliability, scalability and data throughput.

Tomas has worked on a number of complex software development projects, including designing a new architecture for internet banking system.

Having studied software engineering, our Lead Frontend Developer Tomas Talian has worked for several software companies, including a mobile applications development studio.

Proficient in front-end development using modern web frameworks, Tomas is also functional programming on Linux, as well as debugging.

Last but not least is Martin Lepis, our Chief Information Security Officer.

A highly skilled IT security expert with a high level of proficiency in back-end system development, Martin has extensive experience in network security, encryption technologies, and the identification of malicious code and exploits.

We're sure you’ll agree that this is a highly experienced and skilled core tech team, and ETERBASE really couldn’t be in better hands!

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