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The ETERBASE Membership Token

While other exchanges offer tokens that traders can use to pay for their trades, we decided to go with a different approach for our ETERBASE platform. We wanted to offer a real premium experience for our traders, so we decided on a tiered membership structure based on the quantity of membership tokens held.

Our fully tradeable, ERC20-compliant tokens are redeemable against discounts, products, and services on the ETERBASE platform that are accessed through our tiered membership system. However, this doesn’t mean you must hold membership tokens to become a member - our basic membership package offers all the features you need for successful trading without having to own membership tokens.


To increase liquidity and incentivize trading, we wanted to minimize commissions and reduce trading fees as much as possible. With our membership structure, market maker fees can be reduced to -0.02%, effectively giving market makers a rebate on their trades, and market taker fees go as low as 0.03%. We even offer withdrawal fee discounts of between 10% and 75%.

Multiple Accounts

While many beginning traders only need one account, large-volume traders often need multiple sub-accounts to manage a range of portfolios. Through the membership structure, institutional traders will benefit from up to 100 sub-accounts.

Trading Speed

While ETERBASE is provably faster than existing exchanges, offering massive scalability, large-volume traders can benefit from direct market access. Our DMA hosting package allows traders to rent a trading server in proximity to our core exchange infrastructure, reducing latency and improving the trading experience. In addition, professional traders can take advantage of up to 5,000 trade requests per minute.

Customer Support

For many traders, customer support is a real issue on first-wave exchanges. You can wait days for a generic email response that tells you little more than you already knew. ETERBASE employs a human-centric approach toward customer service, and platform members can enjoy the benefit of 24/7 dedicated support.

This article doesn’t go into every detail of our membership scheme, but we wanted to give you an overview of some of the main benefits that membership offers. Although we will be going into more detail in future posts, our white paper gives more specifics on membership benefits.

We always look forward to hearing the ETERBASE community’s thoughts, so please feel free to join us on Twitter, in our Discord community, and sign up for our newsletter.

Talk to you soon.

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