Get your token prelisted on ETERBASE

The ETERBASE Discord Community Has Spoken! Our October Pre-Listing Winner Is… IDealCash!

Well, we asked our ETERBASE Discord community members to make their voice heard, and wow! Did they ever!

We want to thank everyone who took part in the voting for our October Discord Nomination Campaign, and we have to admit that this months winner really ran away with it!

That winner? IDealCash!

Despite IDealCash being the deserved winner, the three runners-up this month are worthy of a mention, as Electra, DeepOnion, and Expanse performed very well and will surely be back for another tilt in the coming months!

IDealCash is a digital currency that you can spend online, making instant, private payments.

You can also stake your coins for an additional 30 percent yearly return rate, which is exceptional!

Headed up by founder Tyler, IDealCash is placing itself at the forefront of the digital currency evolution, aiming for mass adoption through the creation of products that will embed IDealCash into the daily lives of its users.

IDealCash is a fresh, exciting project that is rapidly gaining popularity, and at the time of writing it is listed on five crypto exchanges.

Well, you can add ETERBASE to that list! Welcome aboard IDealCash!

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