Get your token prelisted on ETERBASE

Strictly limited offer: 30 selected projects will be PRE-LISTED and become ETERBASE PREMIUM MEMBERS

We are pleased to offer 30 select projects the opportunity to be pre-listed on Europe’s premier digital asset exchange.

This offer is strictly limited to 30 projects, and the projects will be chosen after a thorough application process that will include a live interview carried out via videoconference.

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received, and once 30 projects are selected, no new candidates will be accepted.

As well as being a terrific opportunity for pre-listing on Europe’s premier digital asset exchange, acceptance will see our chosen projects granted the status of “premium member” on ETERBASE.

Premium ETERBASE members will enjoy such benefits as 24/7 customer support, zero-fee trading, multiple portfolio management, Masternodes,POS management and rewards, as well as 75% off withdrawal fees.

Premium membership also allows members to perform up to 5,000 trade requests per minute.

Once a project is selected, they will take part in the token swap, which will see them provide 200 ETH and 100 ETH worth of their own token in exchange for 300 ETH worth of XBASE tokens.

ETERBASE is Europe’s premier digital asset exchange, and as such we meet the exact same standards of security and compliance as high street financial institutions.

Using a tokenomics model that is similar to Binance and Huobi, our XBASE token offers extra utility by way of its tiered reward system, with discounted trading fees for regular traders and the benefits mentioned earlier for premium traders.

This offer is strictly limited to 30 selected projects, so head over and fill in the application form today, and if you have any issues or require assistance you can email us at

Please remember though, that this email is not for applying, this is done through the application form only.

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