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On the Road With ETERBASE

April was a hectic month here at ETERBASE, and May is shaping up to be just as exceptionally busy. Between the continued development of our platform and all the regulatory meetings, we’ve even managed to get out on the road to present ETERBASE to the world.

Presenting at Startup Token in Paris and debating at the Rising Think Tech presentation and panel discussion in Geneva gave our co-founders, Robert and Kenneth, the perfect opportunity to engage with our growing community and with industry professionals. It also gave them the chance to field any questions about the ETERBASE platform.

ETERBASE in sunny Barcelona

As if those events weren’t enough, we even managed to stop by sunny Barcelona to participate in a cryptocurrency trading and networking panel featuring famous YouTuber, Crypto Ellis, ICO advisor, RJ Rajendren, and Luna Vega of That Crypto Hustle fame.

Rising ThinkTech in Geneva

At Startup Token in Paris, our ideas were well received by all in attendance, and there were definitely plenty of questions from the audience at the end. We always enjoy answering questions from our community as it gives us the opportunity to go into much greater depth about key points such as regulatory compliance, our goals, and even Robert and Kenneth’s slightly different perspectives on where the name of ETERBASE comes from. You can find out the answer to that conundrum in this video of Robert and Kenneth’s presentation.


The Rising Think Tech event gave us opportunities to discuss ETERBASE on two levels. Robert and Kenneth presented ETERBASE to an enthusiastic crowd before participating in a panel discussion with Laurent Lehner of Briner and Brunisholz and Dr. Helen Shapiro, a DPO/GDPR compliance consultant.

Startup Token in Paris

The panel discussion provided a lot of opportunities to talk deeply about compliance issues with GDPR experts and lawyers with blockchain expertise. One blockchain law specialist even stated that ETERBASE is one of the wisest and most well-thought-through exchange projects he’s ever seen. That’s high praise indeed coming from a lawyer.

If April and May are indicators for the remainder of this year, it’s likely to be perhaps the busiest we have known. We have a lot accomplished already, and a lot still to accomplish, but we’re well on our way.  We have designed ETERBASE to be the fastest and most robust digital asset exchange anywhere, so time spent now getting it right is better than rushing a platform to market. That’s the mistake many first-wave exchanges have already made.

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