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How Novice and Professional Traders can Benefit on ETERBASE

In the early days of ETERBASE’s development, we decided that we wanted to make the platform usable by everyone, no matter how much trading experience a person had. One of the issues with first-wave exchanges was that their platforms had been put together so hurriedly, to capitalize on the crypto-trading boom, that no attention was paid to the user experience.

The ETERBASE platform makes powerful, institution-grade tools accessible by everyone, and it has been designed with user experience at its very core. Even novice users can benefit from tools such as instant profit and loss figures, contribution-to-return numbers, and weights of individual positions, and use this information to improve their trading strategies over time.

On our professional dashboard, all the information you need to make successful trades with just a single click is right where you need it.

  ETERBASE User Dashboard

Novice traders can also benefit from our social trading features with which you can follow professional traders and learn from their strategies, and the integrated live news feed allows you to keep up with breaking news that could impact the markets.

As we said earlier, ETERBASE was designed for traders of all experience levels, and professional traders can access a wealth of powerful features available through our tiered membership program. Market makers can receive negative fees on their trades, while market takers can have their fees reduced to 0.03%. Withdrawals also have fee reductions of up to 75%.

It’s not only our exceptionally low fees that are of benefit to professional traders. The ETERBASE exchange platform offers up to 5000 trade requests per minute on servers that are provably faster than existing exchanges. Additionally, professional traders can have up to 100 sub-accounts, meaning they can manage and track the data of multiple digital asset portfolios.

We’re proud of the ETERBASE platform. We’ve built on the existing good practices of first-wave exchanges and addressed the failings that they have. Our platform is robust enough and fast enough for professional traders while having an easy-to-use interface that eliminates some of the entry barriers novice traders face.

Welcome to ETERBASE: Europe’s Premier Digital Asset Exchange. Join us on Twitter or Discord to keep up to speed with our development or sign up for our newsletter.

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