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Here at ETERBASE, standards matter.

That’s why we adhere to the highest regulatory standards in Europe, and why we are also in the process of applying to become an Electronic Money Institution.

EMI license - What is it, and why do we need it?

Acquisition of an EMI license will allow ETERBASE to fully integrate with the Single Euro Payments Area, otherwise known as SEPA, and will allow us to clear Euro payments directly, without any need for traditional banks.

Just like any traditional bank, we will be able to issue a fully operational International Bank Account Number (IBAN) to all KYC-verified ETERBASE exchange customers.

This EMI license is applicable all across the entire European Economic Area (EEA,) which covers over 30 European countries.

Some of the benefits that our clients would see include;

  • The issuance of electronic money
  • Cash deposits, and withdrawals on a payment account
  • Money transfers
  • The issuance of payment cards

At the moment SEPA serves around 500 million people, as well as over 20 million businesses.

Being a part of that collective means we can offer our clients the benefits of an EMI license, as well as the peace of mind that they are dealing with an exchange that takes its responsibilities seriously.

The issuing of debit cards

Upon successful attainment of an EMI license, the next step for us here at ETERBASE is providing our clients with debit cards.

Again, just like any traditional high street bank, ETERBASE will be able to provide our clients with debit cards that can be used to hold cryptocurrencies, as well as cash, and can be used as a standard debit card would be.

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to be bringing you more news and information on what makes ETERBASE Europe’s premier digital asset exchange. We have some exciting news coming soon, so make sure you’re kept right up to date by following us on Twitter, and our newsletter comes highly recommended!

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