Get your token prelisted on ETERBASE

Get Your Favorite Cryptocurrency Project Listed for Free on ETERBASE

As a member of the ETERBASE community you have the opportunity to help one cryptocurrency project per month get listed on our digital exchange for free! The ETERBASE Discord Nomination Campaign will select one cryptocurrency to be listed on our exchange based on the votes of our online community.

The process to get a project listed for the free are as follows:

  1. The name of the project must be submitted on the ETERBASE Discord channel 
  2. The community will have a preliminary vote on Discord for the projects nominated (August 16th-26th)
  3. The top 10 projects with the most community votes will be selected for the next round of voting (September 1st-10th)
  4. An online voting round will narrow down the top 10 projects to 1 which will be selected to list for free on ETERBASE (announced on September 12th)

This process will repeat each and every month, giving ample opportunity for you to help your favorite cryptocurrency project become listed on our regulatory compliant exchange completely free.

It’s as simple as that! Start by heading over to the ETERBASE Discord server here and join the project-nomination channel to nominate your favorite project today, and don’t forget to vote each month for your favorite project!

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