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ETERBASE Token Sale Incoming!

After a lot of hard work and planning, we are proud to announce the details for the ETERBASE token sale, which is due to begin on October 10th, and which provides some special discounts for those who purchase within the first 10 to 20 days!

ETERBASE is offering a 25% discount to anyone who buys within the first 10 days and a 15% discount to those purchasing within 20 days.

There will be a referral bonus of 25% depending on what the referred party purchases.

We figured we’d put together a little guide ahead of time so that everyone knows what to expect when October 10th arrives.

The maximum amount of XBASE being issued is 1,000,000,000.

After the end of the XBASE sale, there will be no more XBASE tokens issued, and the anticipated distribution of the token will be as follows -

37% company reserve

6% founders and core-team

5% core developers

2% advisors and partners

30% token sale to the public

2% bounty and airdrops

18% token swaps and pre-listings

Those who purchase the XBASE utility token in exchange for ETH or BTC will be able to do so at a rate of 0.015 USD, and early purchasers will enjoy special discounts.

It’s also worth noting that purchasers must have an Ethereum wallet that supports the ERC-20 token standard for them to receive XBASE from ETERBASE.

Our schedule is obviously dependant on various factors, such as the hard cap being reached, or dates being extended due to unforeseen circumstances, but the sale will begin on October 10th and is scheduled to finish on December 11th.

Here at ETERBASE, we are looking to set a new gold standard for how a crypto exchange conducts its business, and in the spirit of this new standard, we aim to be as open and transparent during this process as we possibly can.

We also require those who have chosen to work with us to do the same, and for that reason token purchasers will have to go through KYC process in order to be approved to purchase tokens.

This will require an official form of ID, such as a passport.

We plan to provide an indicator on our website that will publicly display the total number of XBASE tokens sold at any given time, as well as the distribution of tokens between participating Ethereum accounts.

ETERBASE also plans to display the share of tokens allocated to shareholders of the company, as well as make information available on the Ethereum accounts used to store ETH during the XBASE sale, as well as their balances.

With all of that said, we are now looking forward to October the 10th, and we really hope that you choose to become a part of this process and join Europe’s Premier Digital Asset Exchange!

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