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ETERBASE Membership - Providing Value and Quality

At the very heart and soul of what we do here at ETERBASE is our exchange platform, and the membership options that come with it.

ETERBASE membership is based entirely upon XBASE, our ERC20-compliant token.

A tiered system, the ETERBASE membership offers an option for traders of all levels, so there really is something there for everyone.

Basic Membership

This is the default, basic membership here at ETERBASE, but don’t let the name fool you, this level of account provides features and fees that are incredibly competitive with other exchanges, so if you’re a novice trader, this membership tier could be for you.

There is no membership fee for our basic account, and our market maker and taker fees are a competitive 0.10 percent.

You are provided with the opportunity to submit a maximum of 100 requests per minute, and to create a single account, which is all you may need at this stage.

Proof-of-Stake fees come in at 20 percent with the basic membership, while Masternode fees are 30 percent.

There is no withdrawal fee discount, which can be found in our other membership tiers, but as mentioned, our fees are competitively priced.

Plus Membership

A step up from the basic membership is our plus membership, and for a small fee of 10,000 XBASE tokens you’ll find that overall your fees start to drop, so if you’re trading more regularly with higher sums of currency, then this membership level is a step in the right direction.

Market maker and market taker fees are 0.075 percent, which is a 0.025 percent discount on the basic account.

Proof-of-Stake fees are reduced to 10 percent, and masternode fees to 20 percent.

A Plus membership also provides users with up to 5 accounts and a maximum of 500 trade requests per minute.

Plus membership offers a 10 percent discount on withdrawal fees.

Professional Membership

At this stage, you’re looking at the kind of membership benefits that are usually reserved for professional traders, and the 50,000 XBASE tokens membership fee represents excellent value for money.

Market maker and market taker fees of only 0.025 percent are the order of the day with a professional level membership and a Proof-of-Stake fee of only 5 percent.

Professional users can create up to 10 accounts and can enjoy an incredible 50 percent discount on withdrawal fees, as well as a masternode fee of 10 percent.

There’s also 24/7 dedicated support for those with a professional level membership.

Premium Membership

The real jewel in the ETERBASE crown is undoubtedly our premium level membership, which is aimed at high-volume traders and those who make moves that influences the rest of the market.

A 100,000 XBASE token fee sees market maker, and market taker fees waived entirely.

That’s right, waived entirely. 0 percent.

If that isn’t impressive enough, we’ve also waived Proof-of-Stake and masternode fees for those who have an ETERBASE premium membership.

So, no fees at all for market makers and market takers, and no Proof-of-Stake or master node fees.

What else?

5,000 maximum trade requests per minute, and up to 100 accounts.

We also offer direct market access to our premium members, providing an option to rent your own trading server close to our core exchange infrastructure, handing you a competitive edge over your fellow traders.

24/7 dedicated support is available, and we’re taking 75 percent off withdrawal fees as well.

I think you’ll agree that with the ETERBASE membership we have every requirement covered, and we’ve provided somewhere that traders of all levels can call home for their trading requirements.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you, and we look forward to seeing you on the exchange!

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