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ETERBASE Is Proud to Announce the Following New Partners…

Here at ETERBASE we believe we are breaking new ground and providing our clients with the future of digital asset exchanges, and with that in mind we’re always open to working alongside other companies who share our desire for innovation, and doing things the right way.

One such company is Fuergy, which isn’t just another competitor for the utility companies out there, it’s developing a completely new way of generating electric energy.

Fuergy has developed a system that is bridging the gap between ecological and economical, creating a new, environmentally friendly energy production method.

Headed up by Radoslav Stompf and Branislav Kopun, you can check out Fuergy here.

ETERBASE are also happy to announce a partnership with Zeus Protocol, the new standard for building Dapps with analytics, identity, and computation.

Zeus Protocol are absolutely committed to the building of a safer ecosystem that benefits all participants, providing actionable insights right across every business function, creating a safer network of verified users.

Zeus Protocol is headed up by founder and CEO Apurv Mishra, and you can read more about them here.

These new partnerships will help strengthen the ETERBASE brand, and also aligns us with companies who share similar values and aims.

We look forward to working with them in the months and years to come.

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