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ETERBASE Is Proud to Announce Our Smartdrop!

ETERBASE, Europe’s premier digital asset exchange is pleased to announce our Smartdrop!

Beginning on October 2nd we will be starting our open smartdrop, where everyone who participates gets a reward!

The question is, how much of a reward do you want?

The base module will be open to absolutely everyone, so even if you are not a trader you can still get involved!

There will be 300 XBASE tokens available to each person who takes part, but the number of participants is strictly limited to 20,000 people so be sure to get involved quick! We don’t see those 20,000 places being available for very long!

For those traders out there, we have a fantastic offer!

10,000 XBASE tokens per person for the top 100 traders who sign up! Again, places are strictly limited to 100 people, so be sure to get in quick!

Do you consider yourself to be a high-volume trader?

If so, you may just qualify for the high-volume trader's category, which brings with it the highest reward!

50,000 XBASE tokens are up for grabs for the top 100 high-volume traders who get involved!

To become eligible for the trader categories you have to pass a screening procedure which will involve some questions to determine your suitability and status as a trader.

Again, places in all three categories are strictly limited so be sure to apply as soon as possible, and remember that the smartdrop finishes on October 9th!

Now, all there is to say is good luck! We look forward to seeing how you get on!

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