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ETERBASE Are Pleased to Welcome Swace, TrustVerse and Depository Network to the Exchange

When we decided to offer an opportunity for free pre-listing to 30 of the most exciting projects in the industry the interest we received was phenomenal.

After much deliberation and an in-depth application process, we finally arrived at our final 30 projects, and we’re delighted to announce that among those chosen was Swace.

A blockchain-based social gaming platform that provides users with rewards for engaging with brands, Swace is a community-driven project that empowers companies and brands to engage with their target market via a controlled social gaming platform.

Joining Swace on the ETERBASE exchange is TrustVerse, the world’s 1st AI-wealth management and digital estate planning protocol backed by blockchain technology.

Headed up by co-founder and CEO Michael K Jeoung, TrustVerse will be able to handle crypto-assets as well as their customers entire online digital identity, with ownership carried out via smart contract.

The TrustVerse wealth management platform is powered by an AI deep-neural and multi-data financial portfolio optimization engine.

Last but not least is Depository Network (DEPO), the world’s first decentralized multi-platform collateral infrastructure.

DEPO is a safe, decentralized service for banks and other financial lending institutions, which allows them to accept tokens, cryptocurrencies, blockchain bonds and shares as loan collateral.

Under the guidance of a highly-qualified team led by CEO and co-founder Svetoslav Dimitrov, DEPO provides the missing technological layer to lenders without changing the lending process.

Once again, we’re excited to have these projects on the ETERBASE exchange, and look forward to seeing the progress they make over the coming months and years!

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