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ETERBASE Announces Three More Projects for Pre-Listing…

Once again ETERBASE is excited to announce another three projects chosen for pre-listing on the ETERBASE exchange.

As you may already know, we announced an offer to select 30 projects for pre-listing, all chosen from a large number of applicants by way of an in-depth application process.

One of those projects chosen is, a stable, fast, secure non-blockchain social finance platform.

DICE aims to provide a currency alternative to traditional money and introduce crowd-mining as a new alternative to ICOs.

Another welcome addition to the ETERBASE exchange is Bitcoinbing, which is the easiest way to buy and sell digital currency worldwide. With ambitions to raise the standard of expectation across the industry, Bitcoinbing are delivering a world-class experience with an exceptionally powerful trading engine.

Bitcoinbing is balancing participation in the blockchain space and accelerating mass adoption.

Finally, there’s ODEM, using the power of blockchain technology and a smart contract-based payment platform to enable both students and educators to directly interact and participate in the exchange of learning and education without the need for intermediaries.

As always, we here at ETERBASE look forward to listing these projects on our exchange, and we certainly believe they’re all worth following in the months and years ahead!

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