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A Sneak Peek at ETERBASE

At ETERBASE, we pride ourselves on being Europe’s premier digital asset exchange. Our robust trading platform is designed so that anyone, no matter how much trading experience they have, can access and use powerful institutional-grade tools to execute trades. When we conceived the idea for ETERBASE, we wanted to take the very best practices of first-wave exchanges, eliminate existing bad practices, and build on that to set a new gold standard for digital asset exchanges.

We believe we have achieved just that.

So, here’s a sneak peek at some of its features.

ETERBASE User Dashboard - Version of April 2018

ETERBASE Exchange Desk- Version of April 2018

The ETERBASE professional dashboard puts all the information you need for successful trading right at your fingertips. The clean design allows any trader to access powerful features such as portfolio indicators, social trading tools, and multiple portfolio management with a single click.

Our portfolio indicators are designed to give you ultimate control over your digital assets. You can see figures such as total or daily P&L and individual position weights in an instant. With the P&L development tools, you can evaluate your P&L figures over time and use that data to improve your trading strategies.

You can keep an eye on other traders using our social trading features and gain useful strategies to help you improve your portfolio, while the watch list allows you to track the biggest winners and losers of the day. Our real-time news feed ensures your finger is kept firmly on the pulse of developing news stories that provide you further insight into market movements, and the live chat functionality lets you swap information and stories with other traders, allowing you to become a part of the ETERBASE community.

This article takes only a brief look at some of ETERBASE’s features. In future posts, we’ll be revealing even more, and discussing our token along with the additional benefits they unlock.

Thanks for joining us here, and if you want to keep up to date with ETERBASE’s development, please join us on our Discord channel, in our Telegram community, and sign up to our newsletter.

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