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10,000,000 XBASE Tokens up for Grabs!

Well, we promised some pretty big news regarding our bounty campaign, and after a sleepless night, here it is!

As we mentioned previously, there will be 10,000,000 XBASE tokens up for grabs over the course of our six-week bounty campaign!

The big question is - what do you need to do to claim your share of the bounty? 

Okay, let’s dive in!  

Social media campaign

Do you have a Twitter account? If so, then great! We have some tasks for you to carry out that can win you some of that XBASE bounty!

Simply follow our account, and retweet whenever we post! Easy, huh? 

If you’re active on Facebook, we have something for you as well. 

Head on over to the ETERBASE Facebook page and “like” us, and simply make sure to keep an eye on your newsfeed for any of our posts! When you see something, hit that “like” button, add a comment with #ETERBASE hashtags, and share the post!

There are a few conditions though, which include having a Twitter account with at least 100 real followers and a Facebook account with at least 50 real friends.

You can retweet up to three times per day, and we allow up to three Facebook post likes and one comment per day!

When you post a comment, we’re looking for at least 75 characters and that #ETERBASE hashtag!

We haven’t forgotten Reddit! If you have a Reddit account that is at least ten days old, and that doesn’t have a negative post or comment karma, you’re good to go!

Follow us at for more details!

Blog and translation campaign

We’re offering four different types of rewards for our blog and translation campaign, including stakes for varying quality of articles, foreign language articles, and reposting and translation of any blog.

All articles must be original and unique and should consist of at least 500 words.

We also don’t accept new websites in this campaign - you must have a relevant, real audience from the start.

*Success Criteria for blogs - What makes a good blog article?*

-    Easy to understand,

-    contains relevant links,

-    whitepaper discussion or discussion of the benefits of the ETERBASE platform,

-    discussion of its membership program.

-    Must be well-written, with few to no grammatical errors.

-    Many likes, comments and views

-    Posted by an account with many followers

-    Many reactions from the community (shares, likes, comments, views, etc.)

YouTube campaign

For those of you who prefer video to the written word, we’ve got you covered as well!

Create a high-quality video telling us about the ETERBASE exchange platform and its advantages to claim your part of the bounty!

You can also go more in depth if you wish, explaining a bit about how participation in the token sale will work, the algorithm used in buying tokens,and comparing our campaign to other token sales occurring at the same time.

All we ask of you is that your video lasts at least two minutes, has a resolution of at least 720p and that your Bitcointalk username is in the description of the video.

Reward amounts will depend on the number of views, likes, and comments!

We'd also like to share some tips with you on what we're looking for when it comes to video content!

Success Criteria for videos - What makes a good video?*

-    Presenting the advantages of ETERBASE in a way that demonstrates an in-depth review of ETERBASE’s whitepaper and other promotional materials

-    quality of image, light and sound

-    easy to understand

-    well-structured

-    entertaining video showing humor or creating a positive emotional reaction

-    Many likes, comments and views

-    Posted by a youtube channel with many followers

Please note that the length of a video is not a success criterion. A concise video that goes straight to the point is preferred. “Time-filling” and stalling will decrease the reward.

Signature campaign

That’s right - we’re also running a signature campaign!

Apply our avatar to your Bitcointalk account and make a minimum of 15 constructive and on-topic posts of 75 characters minimum per week to remain eligible. 

No negative trust accounts are allowed, and you can’t advertise any other sites in your signature for the duration.

Okay, you’re up to speed! Now all that’s left is for you to head over and sign up!

Oh, and please bear in mind that once you submit an ETH address, it cannot be changed for any reason, so make sure you have access to your private keys or phrases, and we don’t accept addresses from exchanges or any other 3rd party services.

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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