For a limited time, we are waiving the requirements and offering the XBASE PLUS membership status to early adopters. Sign up and become eligible to launch the ETERBASE platform as an Early Adopter with an instantaneous PLUS membership status worth 10,000 XBASE tokens.



The XBASE token is the primary tool to incentivize trading benefiting from a tiered membership approach.

Commissions and trading fees can have a significant impact over the course of a trader’s career.
Our XBASE Membership minimises commissions and fees, allowing you to decide which membership status best suits your needs.

The ETERBASE XBASE memberships specifically targets individuals, professionals and market makers to reap the benefits of their membership status.

Market maker program
As part of our market maker incentive scheme, we will work to create a suitable environment for market makers and high-volume traders. Market makers have a positive effect on the creation of liquidity and supply other traders with relevant price signals.

Direct market access
Our DMA server hosting package provides a convenient option to rent a trading server near our core exchange infrastructure, giving you an edge over traders without DMA.

Masternode hosting
Traders will receive the full benefits from their master node without sacrificing the convenience of instantly transferring their coins in and out of the exchange*

* A service fee will be applied for the maintenance of the masternode and/or proof-of-stake assets. The size of the service fee will be determined by the user’s current membership status.

XBASE PLUS Membership status exclusively for Early Adopters

We are waiving the conditions and rewarding ETERBASE PLUS membership status, worth 10,000 XBASE tokens, to our early supporters and backers that contribute to the growing and thriving ETERBASE early adopters community.

The PLUS membership status will be offered only to eligible candidates that demonstrate their sincere intentions to contribute to the development of the exchange by being the first testers and users of our capabilities as a premier European exchange. We will communicate to the awarded early adopters on our Discord, Early Adopter channel.

Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity!



The ETERBASE Membership Token (XBASE is a semi-consumptive use product permitting access to the services and benefits provided by the ETERBASE Platform, as detailed in the white paper.Membership is not intended and not suitable for any kind speculation and affords the holder no rights in, or any form of claim to, any of the assets of ETERBASE AG or to in any way share in any potential profits that ETERBASE may achieve.The XBASE token is a purely functional utility smart contract bound to services and benefits provided only by ETERBASE AG and its subsidiaries.