As 2020 brought us many changes in all areas of our operations mostly due to AMLD5 implementation (applied and waiting for the official license), we have had a lot of shareholder meetings during which the future steps of ETERBASE have been discussed.

Our idea is not to overpromise and underdeliver and that’s why we had to postpone the roadmap publication until we had a clear picture of what is achievable in what timeframe and what would be most beneficial to the overall ETERBASE ecosystem.

The connection between FIAT and cryptocurrencies was not well managed in the past, and it was definitely a step needed in order to support the adoption of blockchain technology.

That’s why ETERBASE predominantly serves as a gateway between EUR deposits and stablecoins (digital assets pegged and backed by real-world fiat currencies or other digital assets).

ETERBASE seeks additional EUR liquidity to facilitate seamless exchange between SEPA base EUR and major stablecoins such as USDT, USDC and DAI. That is why we have decided to introduce FACILITY DEPOSIT PROGRAM for institutional investors (individuals will be able to join from April).


After all meetings and talks, a unique goal has been set and that is ADOPTION. Marketing (at the right time), new mainnets, liquidity, customer support, user experience, new listings, reward systems are just some of the steps to achieve that goal and we see EURBASE playing an important role in our ecosystem.

As we already mentioned in late 2019 we plan to create more awareness and incentive the crypto community to use EURBASE when they want to stand on a stable ground while the market does its moves.

As an addition to the Facility Deposit Program we plan to incentivize users to hold EURBASE even more with the EURBASE REWARDS system that will be updated and distributed on a daily basis where the Yield Per Annum will be up to 8%.

More details on that topic will be shared during February with predicted launch date of March 1st.

ETERBASE a.s. is capable to generate stable and very low-risk revenue from trading and withdrawal fees, spreads and cross-exchange arbitrage in order to support the expected yield.


In the early days of 2020 we have had a market reorganization and positioned EUR as one of the main pairs until more liquidity comes into the exchange.

That step has been taken in order to concentrate the liquidity onto a smaller amount of pairs with a competitive rate and higher liquidity.

We have decided to introduce the Facility Deposit Program that will help us gather more liquidity inside the order books of the exchange, but in the big picture, we also want YOU to work together with us and assist us with market making.

One of the focus points in Q1 2020 is to utilize the main feature of your Premium Membership accounts – NEGATIVE TRADING FEES on a completely different level.

Users can expect also a more attractive rework of general fees on 15th February with new premium membership level P10 as a special offer for professional market makers with min. monthly volume of 5 mil. EUR.


As of 29/1/2020 we’ve officially released the Hummingbot connector for Eterbase on our GitHub:

And users are now able to use one of the best market-making/arbitrage tools to help to fill the order books of the exchange and use the NEGATIVE TRADING FEES.


ETERBOT will be more complex than Hummingbot as it will allow you to run/rent a server to do close to HF pure market making, advanced grid trading and some basic AI functionality all via DMA (Direct Market Access instead of API). ETERBOT will be integrated directly inside ETERBASE and users will be able to use it later on in Q1 2020.


Integration of new mainnets is a very expensive investment — timewise, but as different blockchains and projects offer different use cases and benefits, we’ve decided that its the right time to use Q1 2020 in order to integrate several new mainnets in order to enlarge our reach and offer our users a wider range of coins.

In Q1 2020 the main focus of our development team will be on integrating TEZOS. Tezos is designed to provide the safety and code correctness required for assets and other high-value use cases.

Its native smart contract language, Michelson, facilitates formal verification, a methodology commonly used in mission-critical environments such as the aerospace, nuclear, and semiconductor industries.

In Tezos, all stakeholders may participate in network upgrades by evaluating, proposing, or approving amendments.

Unlike in Proof-of-Work and other Proof-of-Stake networks, all stakeholders can help to secure the network (via baking or delegating), and avoid being diluted by inflation.

Together with COSMOS (already listed in January), we will be also focusing to launch STAKING of TEZOS in the first half of Q2. Other mainnets in the implementation queue are EOS, XRP and Cardano.


Incentivization of XBASE is an important priority.

We will introduce an option to pay all fees by default in XBASE with 25% discount.

Lots of discussions dealt with the correct way how to unify both XBASEs and lower down the XBASE / XBASE-B gap and their price disbalance.

As an outcome, we decide to trade XBASE under one common asset. XBASE-B daily airdrops as you knew it is planned to end on 29th February.

From 1st of March we will replace XBASE-B airdrops with the trading competition and give you the opportunity to gain even more tokens compared to airdrops schedule.


Cryptocurrencies and digital assets are being recognized more and more in the world and we want to support and push that adoption.

We are already members of the Slovakian National Bank Innovation Hub, and we are in talks with several universities to assist/sponsor blockchain education for their communities and students.

Our 15 member team works hard to join market competition and prove our approach and ETERBASE features as long-term win.