Welcome to ETERBASE – Europe’s Premier Digital Asset Exchange. A proudly compliant European platform where security, functionality and community are our focus.  

On ETERBASE you can learn to trade, build a portfolio and take advantage of negative trading fees, free deposits and easy withdrawals. Our simple sign up and verification process can have you online and trading within minutes, sound interesting? Hit the sign-up button and see for yourself. 

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To take advantage of our premium features you will need to “lock-up” a certain amount of XBASE token, don’t worry though this isn’t a fee, think of it more as a savings account. By locking up the token (which can be withdrawn at any time) you are supporting the platform and supporting our growing community of traders, not a bad trade-off when you consider it also generates fee rewards.  

Speaking of rewards have you checked out our referral bonus system? It’s pretty amazing and just for introducing a few of your friends you can receive a range of compound bonuses. For more information check out the Referral Bonus tab on the top of this page. 

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If you have any questions at any time, this page will be available on a tab at the top of the site. We also have our amazing support team waiting to help, to speak to them just click on the button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.  

Remember trading is risky, please only invest what you can afford to lose, celebrate your wins but don’t chase your losses.


If you have a question that hasn’t been answered please send it through via the support form or our social channels.

How to get started?

Sign up via this link, select the wallets tab on your dashboard and make a deposit in either crypto or fiat by selecting the appropriate currency from the Asset dropdown.

How do I send a deposit from my bank?

If you’d like to make a FIAT deposit ETERBASE will require you to become a Premium member. This will involve locking up a minimum of 100 XBASE — this is refundable and can be withdrawn at any time. Please check the current market value of XBASE and you will appreciate that at the time of writing this is still significantly lower than a foreign transaction fee.

How do I earn fees?

Click on the Fees tab above for more information on the fee split.

Does the platform offer any trading tools?

ETERBASE provides a comprehensive range of charting and tracking tools, a simple buy and sell interface and easy to understand dashboard as well as SDK’s (software development kits) and API’s (application programming interface) for more complex dynamic order books and bots.

Where are you based?

ETERBASE a.s is headquartered in Slovakia. You can find more details here.

Are there any restrictions on Users?

ETERBASE can accept users from any location that supports the trade of digital assets.

How do I cash out?

Withdrawing funds is simple. Go to the Wallets tab in the dashboard and select the asset then enter the withdrawal address. A user needs to verify their account prior to any FIAT withdrawal.

Do you provide any learning material for traders?

We have created a Beginners eBook to support new traders and our social channels provide all sorts of up to the minute market tips and tricks from the community and team.

Where can I find/join your social channels?

Check out the links on the right-hand side of our web page.

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