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Get Your Favorite Cryptocurrency Project Listed for Free on ETERBASE

As a member of the ETERBASE community you have the opportunity to help one cryptocurrency project per month get listed on our digital exchange for free!

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Introducing the ETERBASE XBASE Membership

Sign up to become an XBASE early adopter here and become eligible to launch the ETERBASE platform with an instantaneous Plus memberships status worth 10,000 XBASE tokens.

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What Is Discord? And Why Should You Join Our Channel?

You may have noticed in some of our more recent newsletters we’ve been encouraging you to join our Discord channel, and we thought it might be a good idea to give our readers a bit more information on the platform.

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Going the extra mile with fiat-based services

Here at ETERBASE, standards matter. That’s why we adhere to the highest regulatory standards in Europe, and why we are also in the process of applying to become an Electronic Money Institution.

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10,000,000 XBASE Tokens up for Grabs!

ETERBASE are excited to announce that there will be 10,000,000 XBASE tokens up for grabs over the course of our six-week bounty campaign!

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PSSSST... We Have Some News to Share

We weren't going to say anything until tomorrow, but we're so excited to share this news that we couldn't contain ourselves. So, without further ado, we proud to announce our bounty campaign.

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Cold Storage - The Ultimate Solution for Cryptocurrency Storage Security

For anyone entering the world of cryptocurrency, security should always be at the forefront of their mind. You’ve no doubt heard the stories of people losing cryptocurrencies stored in digital wallets hosted by their exchange, and although it is rarer than you’d think, it doesn’t hurt to take the extra steps to secure your funds.

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Why Do First Wave Exchanges Shut Down New Sign-ups?

Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency exchange industry is still a largely unregulated space which does little to deter scammers and fraudulent activity. This has led to hacks of major exchanges, the most notable being the $487 million theft from Mt. Gox.

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How User Experience Will Power the Second Wave of Crypto Exchanges

Navigating an exchange can require knowledge of complex interfaces, order books, market-pegged assets, technical indicators, and more. Additionally, customer service for exchanges is either non-existent or unresponsive to the needs of its users, with it often taking days to receive a response to any customer inquiry.

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The Mt. Gox Collapse and the Need for Regulation

When Mt. Gox collapsed in 2014 it brought down not only the exchange but also $487 million of user funds disappeared, a huge blow to the industry at the time. Our co-founder, Kenneth, experienced this first hand.

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What is E-Money?

ETERBASE is taking steps to become a fully regulated financial institution, which in turn will allow us to issue International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) and debit cards. This process is set to clear ETERBASE for making Euro payments across 31 European countries in the same way as traditional banks.

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Why Exchanges Should Be Protecting Your Data

There have been enough cryptocurrency exchange hacks over the past several years to make the average user queasy. One industry pitfall is the lack of user data protection and how companies utilize that data for sometimes illegitimate reasons.

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How Novice and Professional Traders can Benefit on ETERBASE

In the early days of ETERBASE’s development, we decided that we wanted to make the platform usable by everyone, no matter how much trading experience a person had. One of the issues with first-wave exchanges was that their platforms had been put together so hurriedly, to capitalize on the crypto-trading boom, that no attention was paid to the user experience.

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On the Road With ETERBASE

April was a hectic month here at ETERBASE, and May is shaping up to be just as exceptionally busy. Between the continued development of our platform and all the regulatory meetings, we’ve even managed to get out on the road to present ETERBASE to the world.

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The ETERBASE Membership Token

While other exchanges offer tokens that traders can use to pay for their trades, we decided to go with a different approach for our ETERBASE platform. We wanted to offer a real premium experience for our traders, so we decided on a tiered membership structure based on the quantity of ETX tokens held.

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Why Regulatory Compliance is Essential for Exchanges

Whether you’re pro-regulation or anti-regulation is of no relevance. Regulations are necessary, and they’re here.

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A Sneak Peek at ETERBASE

At ETERBASE, we pride ourselves on being Europe’s premier digital asset exchange. When we conceived the idea for ETERBASE, we wanted to take the very best practices of first-wave exchanges, eliminate existing bad practices, and build on that to set a new gold standard for digital asset exchanges. We believe we have achieved just that.

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