Tomas Pristac
CBDO, Chairman of the Board

10+ years of experiences within Wealth Management, Investment and Financial services industry

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Decade of Gains

My career started in the last financial crisis. Big U.S. banks collapsed, and contagion had widespread to other continents as quickly as coronavirus did this year. As we all know, it took only a couple of quarters, and the system of capital and financial markets remedied. When I looked back at my career at the end of 2018, I thought I had probably experienced the ten most fertile years. All the job experiences, roles I served & duties I carried were just amazing. The best ones within Sberbank’s Private Banking, where we always tried to fulfill investment targets of high-net-worth-individuals in the hardest competitive environment.

New Emerging Industry

I quit my job and took a couple of months off. A little bit earlier, I watched crypto bull run in 2017 without a breath. I have tried some “stock picking” but it did not matter. Everything was skyrocketing. What took my attention more than appreciating crypto markets? New emerging financial sub-industry. I joined ETERBASE in April 2019 as a Business Development Manager. At that time, we were very close to the launch of our trading platform, and we were experiencing dynamic growth of ETERBASE Coin (XBASE). There has been a massive implementation period since then. Two weeks ago, we reached another milestone: Eterbot. If you did not try it yet, hurry up! You do not need any server renting, any software installation, any deep experiences. It is just there for you, integrated directly within markets. A new era of trading and income generation. We have other milestones ahead for 2020. Especially liquidity improvements, full-range marketing, a couple of missing top 20-coin listings, various dedicated Eterbot packages, or the staking implementation.

Decade of Inception

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the creation of the new sub-industry itself took my attention. I used to say that significant changes will occur in the old financial system. I expected the next financial crisis somewhere in the next 1-2 years, but coronavirus changed the whole optics. We are now facing the challenges we are not prepared for. Banks will try to find new financing models, new revenue streams. The most significant pension funds will need to reduce costs again and find a way to rebalance risk/ratio patterns. Insurance houses will need to deploy new risks never seen before. And what about us, customers, employees, entrepreneurs? Do we still have the belief in our approach to effectiveness?

ETERBASE will put all efforts in to become a next-gen financial holding.

Marketplace, service provider, and lab at once. Not only an exchange. Our new initiatives are leading to pilot projects of e-commerce. Local food delivery, gas station, or online shop could be the first pioneering venue where you can spend your virtual assets. Or do you wish to have your Eterbot profits transferred in saving accounts with more significant rewards than your bank one? Another market that is under research is wallet & custody management. Lots of payment institutions will need to integrate virtual asset wallets in near the future. We also carefully watch EU and global regulations, so we are counting on more scenarios of next moves. I am sure we are heading to Decade of Inception.


Tomas Pristac
CBDO, Chairman of the Board