Nenad Ristic
Business Developer & Community/Social Media Manager
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The Digital Age Inception

My Digital Inception started with a spark that happened a long time ago, but that spark and the way I adapted to it indirectly shaped my future. Everything started when the 4-year-old me tried to turn the TV on to watch cartoons, but the extension cable wanted to show me a different picture, something that didn’t involve cartoons nor the TV screen. The spark that started everything was an electric shock that threw me back to the other side of the room, and the decision to go for another shock when the first one passed definitely ignited a passion inside me. My father’s first mobile phone in 1999 and my first computer in 2006 feed that passion throughout time and I became curious and committed as I wanted to find out what technology has to offer.

The decision to take a different path and get connected

Most of you will agree with me that living in a 3rd world country has a lot of disadvantages because regular 9–5 jobs can’t provide the desired satisfaction and safety, but opportunities await those that search for them. After many tests, exams, and national competitions throughout school hours, University came and the harsh reality revealed what it had to offer. I had to support my own education and instead of taking the popular “night club waiter” position, I decided to use the resources in front of me and started managing several Facebook groups for online games. The main benefit was the ability to work from home, but even when times were tough, I stayed around because of all the great people from around the world that I got connected with. One of those connections came with an interesting message in 2013: “sell everything you have and buy Bitcoin”. Of course, that didn’t happen but the concept of Digital Money that isn’t controlled by anyone caught my attention and I made my first investments that got liquidated in the Forex market.

Bitcoin decided to cross my path again

Years were passing by and my “Facebook job” lost its charm. My family was in need of support more than ever and I had to take a step back, meaning I had to find a “real job”. That was the time when Bitcoin crossed my path again, it was 2017, and Bitcoin started the rally towards 20k. You all know how the bull run of 2017 evolved, but the lack of funds stopped me from investing. After struggling with various jobs that are deemed “socially acceptable”, and the last one ending when I asked my boss for one free Saturday in order to see my girlfriend, I came to the conclusion that something has to change. I used my free time to research cryptocurrencies and the decision to find an online job again definitely tethered me to the crypto charts. I had almost no support from my family and friends at the beginning of this journey, and I had to listen to constatations like: “you have never even seen someone’s eyes and you expect that someone will pay you, that’s a nice dream” and similar, but things started changing on April 2nd, 2018. I passed the “training camp activities” and officially became a Community Manager for several projects (including ETERBASE) through a 3rd party.

The Crypto Rush and the ETERBASE Journey

Throughout time, my curiosity got me involved with several projects on various fronts, but the community front is something I never wanted to leave. The community is the cornerstone of each project, and for me, no achievement can be compared with a satisfied and thankful end-user. When ETERBASEand the 3rd party that I represented finished the agreed cooperation, I reached out to Robert and said that I’m interested to go down this path together with ETERBASE, and soon after that, our journey continued. I knew I had to adapt to the new team and new responsibilities, but I never expected such an encouraging welcome. Robert took the responsibility on himself to make me feel welcome and prepare me for future tasks, and the time and experience he shared with me helped me a lot to grow professionally. We spent countless days and nights inside the chatrooms while discussing various topics and future plans and when I got to know the whole team, I had only one thing on my mind: I am willing to do whatever it takes to become a part of this awesome team.

Before the first transactions got executed on our team has grown for another valuable member  –  Tomas Pristac. Working alongside our CBDO on my new assignments made me realize that my previous work and commitment have definitely been noticed. The connection with the whole team became stronger and the experienced approach and valuable feedback that still pushes me to grow is something I truly enjoy.

Developing a secure trading platform and now EterBot required a lot of skill from our developers, but what still amazes and motivates me is the commitment these guys put in. I contacted them multiple times during public holidays or during their “sleep time” in order to suggest something or request assistance to solve issues from our users which always resulted in prompt response (“solved” in most cases).

This team and this industry have literally changed my life, so don’t be surprised if you see me online during “unusual hours”, I’ll always be ready to assist the Community and the ETERBASE team.

As the only remote worker, writing this wasn’t easy, because its hard to “feel a message” and describe the feeling, but meeting the team last year in Bratislava gave me more than enough confidence and trust about our future steps. Our small team is focused and with everything that has been achieved till now we have proven that ETERBASE is here for the long run.

The foundation has been set and exciting times are in front of us, heat up those referral codes, and start making passive income while we grow together!

See you inside the chatrooms!