Jozef Brhel
ETERBASE Lead Investor
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Macro View

The current worldwide pandemic propels the transition of the economy into a fully digital era revolutionizing the interaction of economy participants and thus creating new markets with opportunities for growth.

FinTech Zoom

This transformation is probably most progressively occurring in the field of financial services which are critical for the economy to function. Throughout history, the success of financial services was dependent on trust between the service providers and consumers. Besides requiring legal, tax and regulatory discipline of the stakeholders, the new financial ecosystem will have to be built on a reliable, safe and efficient infrastructure.

We believe the decentralized blockchain framework can provide the solution for the necessary establishment of trust and perseverance.

The Building Blocks of ETERBASE

We have contributed to the foundation and launch of ETERBASE to bring to the market a trustworthy and competent digital asset financial services provider.



Drivers of Future Growth

Treasury Gateway

Trading Platform

Stable Coin

Value Growth Potential


ETERBASE Exchange Trade Volume (30 days)
ETERBASE Exchange Trade Volume (30 days)


Value Proposition

With its well-balanced assets available for trading, we believe ETERBASE is on the right track to close the gap with its closest peers and become 1 of the top 10 global exchanges.

Launch 06/2019
Early Stage Investors 4.5M EUR
Company Valuation 33M EUR
Daily Traded Volume 0.4 – 1M EUR
2021 Projected Company Valuation 100M EUR



Jozef Brhel
ETERBASE Lead Investor