Dear Customer, we would like to support your quick and easy onboarding to AMLD5 as part of our ETERBASE Exchange; mainly to keep the continuity of your existing balances on different accounts and daily airdrops related to your previously used accounts. To be able to do this we would like to ask you for small support. Please collect a below-listed form to allow us to consolidate your existing accounts from the airdrop perspective.

Registered Account (with valid KYC)

Please provide your login email address to ETERBASE Exchange with a valid KYC and your account UID for your verification. Your KYC approved account and all sub-accounts listed below will be consolidated from the airdrop perspective.
Provide your main account email address registered on ETERBASE Exchange where you have successfully managed the KYC process and confirm this address.
For your verification, we require also an account UID information that you can copy and paste from your URL when you are using ETERBASE Exchange. When you log in to your account on our exchange you will see in your browser URL like this from where you need to copy and paste here this string: ff1d164e-79e6-4f2e-bf34-15ac2c090dh9 (this is an example; your string will be different).
For your verification, we require to select a correct membership level associated with this ETERBASE Exchange account. You can find this information on your Dashboard or in section Settings / Membership.

Other Registered Non-KYC Accounts

Provide your other email addresses (max. 5 accounts) registered on ETERBASE Exchange where you have not managed the KYC process. Balances from previous airdrops allocated to these accounts will be consolidated to the above stated KYC approved account.
Provide your additional email address registered on ETERBASE Exchange where you don’t have managed the KYC process, but some balances and airdrops are available there.