The ETERBASE Bug Bounty program is open to the public.

Any security researcher can take part and report
potential security vulnerabilities in the ETERBASE products.

Reward amounts for Security Vulnerabilities

Category / SeverityCriticalHighMediumLow
Remote code execution120,000100,00080,000n/a
Unrestricted file system or database access 100,00080,00060,000n/a
Logic flaw bugs leaking or bypassing significant security controls 80,00060,00045,00025,000
Execute code on the client-side60,00045,00025,00015,000
Other valid security vulnerabilities 30,00025,00015,00010,000

All values listed above in the table are in XBASE Coin. ETERBASE Security Team is responsible for the evaluation of each reported bug record and can take up to 10 days to contact the Bug Reporter regarding more details or provide feedback about related rewards.

Bug Reporter

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A short definition of an identified bug.
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A well-defined bug description allows for easy understanding of the bug and what happens. If a bug has a confusing or incomplete description then it will create more problems for our developers who are tasked with remedying the issue.
The more specific and detailed you outline each step individually, the quicker the bug can be corrected. Always make sure that each individual step is outlined and don’t omit steps that are implied. Reproduce the bug three times before you report it.
Copy URL where the bug should be identified or reproduced. Any reported bugs should be related only to domains: * or *
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Include a clear screenshot at the point of failure and when the bug occurred or provide any other form of documentation. Maximum size of the attachment is limited to 8 MB.