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Europe's Premier
Digital Asset Exchange

ETERBASE is the first regulation-compliant European cryptocurrency
exchange, offering fast, secure trading on a clean, powerful, user interface.

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Heavy-Duty Trade

Proprietary infrastructures and
matching engines allow secure,
complex, high-volume trading,
comparable only to Wall Street.

Regulation Compliance

ETERBASE is built on a comprehensive
regulatory core including KYC, AML,
CTF, and GDPR, making it fully
compliant with EU regulations.

Clean and Professional

Powerful trading capabilities accessible
to professional traders and beginners
alike, thanks to human-centric design,
24/7 support, and an intuitive interface.

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Individual Client IBAN

ETERBASE adheres to the highest regulatory standards in Europe. As such, we are applying to become an Electronic Money Institution (EMI). This will allow us to issue fully operational International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) and to clear Euro payments directly across the entire European Economic Area (EEA), which covers 31 European countries, the same way as traditional banks.

SEPA & Debit Cards

With an Electronic Money Institution license, ETERBASE will fully integrate with the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) system, which serves over 500 million people and 20 million businesses across Europe. The EMI license allows direct cash deposits and withdrawals on a payment account, just like a bank. It also allows the issuance of debit cards and the execution of card payments.

Professional Dashboard

Access all the information you need to execute successful trades with just a single click via our clean, powerful professional dashboard.

Portfolio Indicators

Professional indicators show you your Total or Daily P&L, weights of individual positions, or contribution-to-return of each crypto asset.

P&L Development

Evaluate your P&L figures over time, compare them to other indexes, and utilize that information to adjust your trading strategy to improve your P&L profile.

Social Trading, News Feed, and Watchlist

Gain valuable market insights by following top traders, see who the day’s biggest trading winners and losers are, and get real-time news updates to anticipate market movements.

Live chat functionality

Chat with other traders in real-time, swap information and stories, and become a part of the ETERBASE trading community.


Secure, fast, user-friendly trading and multiple portfolio management on your mobile device. Never miss a beat with a personalized watchlist and see every market movement in real-time.

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